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Why I Create

Art Is Therapeutic

Making art is an exercise in self actualization. It asks me to be present in the moment, to balance passion with integrity. Balance brings peace.

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My Curiosity Drives My Creativity

The act of art making pulls in energy to create more. It feeds the creative energy to apply it in another aspect. This could be writing or building something. The cycle of this process for me takes on as a flow. Living becomes being in creation. It is self-supportive.

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Allowing Nature To Take The Wheel

I am continuously finding how deeply connected I am to nature. I often feel that I am in sync with the seasons changes. Some of my most inspiring moments are incredibly simple. A melting icicle and its' droplets in the wind, the sound of a birds' wings flapping, the feathers brushing together. A ray of light casting a floral shadow upon a maple tree trunk. These moments in nature are a great inspiration and healing presence in my life. What I see unfolding in front of me guides me to capture it in some way and I am inspired to live out the flow of the creative process.

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